The Hayat General Hospital


This medical edifice was established in Amman as an all-out specialty general ho...  Read More 

Our Goals Seek and strive to maintain our performance and outstanding scientific development to keep pace with...  Read More 
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Our first mission to ensure you comfort and medical care and integrated to provide excellent services and special attention to the Halatkm, and our expertise, which exceeded Althelathashr years we aspire to reach the goal of treatment full scientific ideal in all areas of medical and surgical specialties as being in a hospital life-year, all types of surgical operations at the hands of skilled physicians specialists and teams of nursing and efficient and accurate in addition to the operating rooms fully equipped to suit the requirements of the major operations in the area:
- Open-heart surgery
- Children's heart surgery and repair of congenital malformations
- Medicine and surgery of the arteries and blood vessels
- General surgery and laparoscopic surgery for
- Surgical Oncology and Hematology
- Surgery and gynecology
- Medicine and surgery of kidney
- Surgery Respiratory
- Surgery of the digestive system
- Endocrinology and Diabetes
- Plastic surgery of all kinds
- Medicine and surgery of ear, nose and throat
- Medicine and surgery, brain and nerves
- Orthopedic surgery and arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder joints and installation of industrial and surgical spinal deformities
- Urology, kidney
- Medical and Pediatric Surgery
- Medical and dental surgery
                 Looked after in a hospital Alehiaham all that matters patient, In our hospital all departments and units, diagnostic attracts a day, dozens of cases, therapeutic as it is the effectiveness and efficiency of the devices and medical staff working on the run, along with the elite of the best doctors jurisdiction they Bagraouathm medical where
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