The Hayat General Hospital


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This medical edifice was established in Amman as an all-out specialty general hospital, at al-Yasmin suburb/end of Abdoun Bridge; where it was fully equipped with up-to-date medical equipments from the most well-known American, and European international pioneer and distinct companies in medical systems technology. However, honest determination went on until it has become today a hospital for open heart surgery, brain and vertebral column tumors and other complex operations.



Al-Hayat General Hospital includes more than 18 clinical centers providing for all specialized and general medical high quality services to meet the increasing needs of our patients; also, we have more than 150 employees working sequentially and diligently to provide special care to our patients round the clock, and round every day of the year. 



Capacity of Al-Hayat General Hospital is 90 beds divided among different classes of suites, first, second and third class; 12 beds in ICU/CCU, 5 operating rooms, an emergency centre operating round 24 hours with 12 beds capacity in addition to 20 obstetric/gynecology beds in the presence of three fully-equipped delivery rooms, one delivery operation room, that besides prematurity center that comprises 12 incubators, one of them mobile, and three fully-equipped ambulances.



The Hospital was expanded in the year 2010 to render the plot ratio around 6500 m2, and where the expansion of 2250 m2 was completely utilized and used to enlarge the existing patient rooms and attached services to be more distinct in what is being provided of services, to promote the level of services rendered, and thus get the patients more assured and comforted, rather than increasing the number of patient rooms.



Indeed, the Hospital administration acknowledges that the speed of progress and peculiarity of the Hospital is credited first to Allah Almighty, then to the select team of specialists Jordanian physicians with well-known reputation that transcended the borders of Jordan to echo in sister Arab countries along with Europe and America. These elite of physicians are the same who steered Jordan to its distinct witnessed level of medical services at Arab and international level that besides the Hospital cadre of interns, paramedical personnel and other staff working in Al-Hayat General Hospital. All of them, together, had the credit, after Allah's Almighty, in contributing to raising high the banner of the Hospital to proceed gradually and tirelessly toward more distinction, and with full support of the Hospital's administration in providing all that is needed by each cadre, constantly and sustainably. And now, the Hospital has become since four years an accredited and recognized hospital by the Jordan Medical Council for the training and qualifying of junior interns in Jordan.



Unremittingly, the administration is anxious to keep pace with technological advancement in modern medical equipments, supply the Hospital with them, and renovate the existing ones in order to support all physicians, and nursing cadre and promote what is being provided to patients, and to the administration strong belief, this is a pure duty if the Hospital were to persist and keep going distinctively as ever.  



The Hospital's administration believes that no difference shall exist in dealing with the Jordanian patient and another from any Arab sister nation; all shall be subject to the same rate prescribed by the Ministry of Health.



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