The Hayat General Hospital


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Hospital provides general daily life, a healthy buffet breakfast is distinctive and as instructed by the doctor in charge to suit the patient, which is part of the treatment,,,
Section is equipped with unique and rare what he is doing another hospital, but a section obstetrics and gynecology and surgery, and joint with the Department of newborns and preterm birth to include maternity department of the birth of three rooms f
In 2011, the most updated advanced unit in Jordan for cardiac and arterial catheterization was opened, and the first three dimensional catheterization system using digital detector in Jordan and the Middle East,,,
This centre is among the most important units in the Hospital, and like other centers in the Hospital, the service of diagnostic endoscopy is provided at the hands of the most skilful and distinctive doctors besides the well-trained nursing cadre, to
It contains 20 kidney dialysis units manufactured by the most well-known European leading companies, and to most updated international standards and most technologically advanced medical systems.
Al-Hayat General Hospital is boasting the presence of the best intensive care units in Jordan's private sector, which contains 12 beds with central monitoring in addition ........
In recognition of the necessity to utilize all means and provide whatever needed to meet the physicians requirements in order to diagnose the ailment easily and quickly, and as lab analyses are very important to attain this objective, the Hospital ha
It is considered one of the most important centers, with continued updating and development to its equipments and systems in order to provide the necessary radiological medical diagnostic services supportive in attaining accurate diagnosis of ailment
A distinguished centre has been equipped, though this rarely done in any other hospital, which is obstetrics and gynecology and their surgery centre shared up with newborn and prematurity centre, so that delivery unit should contain three delivery ro
We boast, at Al-Hayat General Hospital, about the emergency unit we have, a modern and unique one capable to render medical services to all patients round the clock with speed and efficiency.
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