Integrated comprehensive health services

 Our priority is to ensure comfort and integrated medical care to you, offer unique services coupled with special attention. With our experiences that exceeded 13 years we aspire to achieve optimal comprehensive scientific medication in all medical fields and surgery specialties, where all kinds of surgical operations are carried out in Al-Hayat General Hospital at the hands of the most skilful specialist doctors, operation teams and nursing characterized by competence and accuracy, in addition to operating theatres fully equipped to fit major surgical operations in the field of:


-         Open heart surgery

-         Child heart surgery and repair of congenital malformation

-         Medicine and surgery of arteries and blood vessels

-         General and special surgery and laparoscopy

-         Surgery of tumors and hematology

-         Surgery and gynecology

-         Medicine and surgery of  kidney

-         Respiratory tract surgery

-         Digestive tract surgery

-         Endocrinology disorders and Diabetes

-         All types of cosmetic and plastic surgery

-         ENT medicine and surgery

-         Medicine and surgery of brain and bones

-         Bone surgery; knee, shoulder arthroscopy; replacement of prosthetics; and surgery of spinal deformations

-         Urologic and kidney surgery

-         Pediatrics

-         Dentistry


We have, at Al-Hayat General Hospital, cared about all what concerns the patient. In our Hospital, however, all diagnostic units and centers attract tens of therapeutic cases for the efficiency and adequacy of the systems and medical cadres operating them, further to the fact that elite of the best specialists do perform their medical procedures therein. 

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our vision
Provide comprehensive, safe uniqe and high quality medical services to Jordanian and international patients through qualified personnel and using the latest medical technology  satisfaction of the service recipient and ethical profession and the need to continuously increase the efficiency of the hospital.
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