Radiology centre

It is considered one of the most important centers, with continued updating and development to its equipments and systems in order to provide the necessary radiological medical diagnostic services supportive in attaining accurate diagnosis of ailments.


The centre is characterized by its distinguished medical cadre of radiologists and in-house trained technicians.


All digital systems of radiology centre was fully upgraded, where the most advanced systems in Jordan are available now, the first among hospitals and most advanced ones. However, internet power is availed of to enable the doctor follow up on the radiology images of patients from anywhere outside the hospital, inside/outside Jordan, this service was introduced at the beginning of 2011.


All types of radiology imaging are rendered in this centre, including:

1.       Routine imaging

2.      Kidney color imaging

3.      Imaging of esophagus, stomach, intestines and colon

4.      Color imaging of uterus and fallopian tubes

5.      Examination of arteries and veins

6.      Ultrasound imaging using four dimensional system and early detection for congenital malformation of the embryo

7.      Spiral multi-sectional CT and resonance scan

8.     All interventions using radiology

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Provide comprehensive, safe uniqe and high quality medical services to Jordanian and international patients through qualified personnel and using the latest medical technology  satisfaction of the service recipient and ethical profession and the need to continuously increase the efficiency of the hospital.
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