Dialysis centre

It contains 20 kidney dialysis units manufactured by the most well-known European leading companies, and to most updated international standards and most technologically advanced medical systems.


Since the opening of this centre, the administration kept updating the systems to remain always distinct and operative abreast with advancement in medical systems technology; furthermore, the administration has chosen new centre for dialysis as it was planned for in the expansion scheme that was completed by the end of 2010, with an area reaching  300m2 approximately, originally designed under the control of the supplier, a German company, and hence the number of units were increased up to 20, serving 79 patient a month. In order to alleviate the suffering of ICU/CCU patients, a dialysis unit was placed therein to relieve those who are in need of a dialysis session to be avoided the inconvenience of going to kidney dialysis centre.


Under constant medical and nursing supervision over three shifts a day, the center's patient service continues and that what distinguishes it, and with great success, in the area of results, thus, patients are aided to engage anew in their normal life with dialysis follow-up. 

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Provide comprehensive, safe uniqe and high quality medical services to Jordanian and international patients through qualified personnel and using the latest medical technology  satisfaction of the service recipient and ethical profession and the need to continuously increase the efficiency of the hospital.
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