Diagnostic and surgical endoscopy centre

This centre is among the most important units in the Hospital, and like other centers in the Hospital, the service of diagnostic endoscopy is provided at the hands of the most skilful and distinctive doctors besides the well-trained nursing cadre, to empower the unit's doctors and assistant nursing. 


Certainly, with continuous updated equipment, keeping in pace with the best up-to-date medical instruments technology, and procured from the best known international and specialized manufacturers, the center will be able to provide its complete services to the patients seeing that these operations would facilitate quick recovery of patients and their return to normal life. All diagnostic and surgical operations are performed including:


  1. Diagnostic Gastroenterology endoscopy, where the following is performed:

a.      Esophagus, stomach and colon endoscopy

b.      Bile ducts endoscopy                                    

  1. Bone endoscopy, in which the following is performed:

a.      Diagnostic and surgical knee arthroscopy, where anterior cruciate ligament is planted (restoration of anterior cruciate ligament),

b.      Diagnostic and surgical arthroscopy of shoulder                                  

  1. Hysteroscopy:

 a. Internal diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy                                   

  1. diagnostic and surgical abdominoscopy:

a.      Endoscopy of uterus wall from outside, myomectomy,  and hysterectomy

b.      Endoscopy of fallopian tube and ovary, decalcification, removal of ovary watery cysts, pregnancy outside the womb.

c.       Tying fallopian tubes using the endoscope

d.      Endoscopy of bile and cholecystotomy

e.      Endoscopy of congenital deformity inside abdomen                                     

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Provide comprehensive, safe uniqe and high quality medical services to Jordanian and international patients through qualified personnel and using the latest medical technology  satisfaction of the service recipient and ethical profession and the need to continuously increase the efficiency of the hospital.
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