Al-Hayat General Hospital is boasting the presence of the best intensive care units in Jordan's private sector, which contains 12 beds with central monitoring in addition to 7 fixed artificial respiration sets and a mobile one devoted to cases transfer from outside the Hospital. Undoubtedly, the unit has gained the satisfaction and admiration of doctors for the excellent outfitting which sends a whiff of assurance over their patients. The unit also contains the best technologies with its advanced medical outfits and a qualified medical staff, including best specialists, interns and nurses who used to work harmoniously as one team round the clock to provide the best of medical and follow-up care services round the minute, hour and day, and until the patients leave the Hospital fully recovered and healthy, by Allah willing, after having performed critical surgeries and been treated of other pathological conditions.


However, open heart surgery, nerves, brain and tumors operations, cancer operations, and other major complex operations, besides heart attacks and brain strokes states, all need a special follow-up from the medical and nursing cadre, and this is exactly what the administration perceives and cares to apply, while watching total compliance of its implementation, rewarding the obligors and sanctioning strictly the defaulters, and that in order to keep the intensive and care unit in Al-Hayat General Hospital a distinctive, leading and exemplary to be followed and about which we have to boast.

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Provide comprehensive, safe uniqe and high quality medical services to Jordanian and international patients through qualified personnel and using the latest medical technology  satisfaction of the service recipient and ethical profession and the need to continuously increase the efficiency of the hospital.
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